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At What Age Should My Child Start Wearing Contact Lenses?

A common question from many of our Yorkville patients are when is a good time to let their child try contact lenses. It allows them the convenience of not having to worry about glasses getting lost or broken. So what could be the issue?

What could be an issue with kids wearing contact lenses?

Ask the following questions about your child:

  1. Do they keep good hygiene in general? Can you be certain they will handle the contact lenses with care and keep them clean?
  2. Is there a fear they will lose them?
  3. Will your child get frustrated or be patient when putting them in?

So what do we recommend?Pretty Young Teen Girl 1280×853

We find there is really no fixed age when to start with contact lenses. In general, 11-14 is a good time but it really depends on the maturity level of your child and how responsible they are. We are equipped to teach your child the proper way to treat and handle contact lenses. In general, we like to recommend daily disposable lenses so there is less of a fear of losing them. Give us a call to discuss what would work best for your child.

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