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6 Reasons To Avoid Buying Cheap Glasses in Toronto

We often get asked by our Toronto patients why it makes sense to buy eyeglasses from us instead of an online store that sells them at a cheap cost. While it's true these online stores have made it a bit more affordable to buy eyewear, the question arises, what's the catch? Why are they so cheap? Here are a few reasons we recommend to avoid buying glasses online:

What are the issues with buying prescription glasses online?Leisure Society Ad

  1. Prescription - These online stores often mess that up. This is especially true for those with a high prescription or astigmatism
  2. Petroleum - Cheap glasses are injected with petroleum whereas exclusive eye wear use cotton based acetate filling, a more environmentally friendly option
  3. Warranty and repairs - As they are sold at a cheap cost, they usually don't offer repairs or if they do, it's at a high cost. Forget about a warranty
  4. Coating - Cheap, anti-glare coating tends to rub off easily which means your glasses aren't protecting you from UV rays or scratches. They also don't always offer blue light filtering.
  5. Mass produced - You are buying something mass produced whereas in-store, it's usually handcrafted
  6. Support local - It's always good to support the local store that understands your style and best fit for you

It's for these reasons that we often see patients buying online coming into our store for repairs or a new pair of glasses. In this case, it's worth spending a bit extra to know you are getting high-quality eyeglasses.

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